Spanish Tutoring Testimonials

David C

“Growing up with a Spanish speaking mother, James decided that although he didn’t have lessons at school, he wanted to do an extra GCSE in Spanish At the start of year 10, he didn’t really speak with any confidence and his vocabulary and grip of the grammar was a long way behind what is needed to pass GCSE. Matthew systematically brought him up to speed in these areas and he was very happy to be awarded an 8 at his GCSE last month.”

Hitesh S

“We were very happy with the GCSE Spanish and Maths Tutoring we had for our daughter, Alisha. She got A’s in both subjects, and the help she received from Matthew was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Matthew for tutoring.”

Ramesh N

“Mr. Brown was an excellent tutor, right from the start. I needed a tutor because I started Spanish in Year 9 which was unfortunate as all my classmates had started in Year 7. In addition to being 2 years behind them I wasn’t learning any other languages like French which could have helped me with my Spanish. I’d also like to point out I received an A* in my Spanish GCSE, a feat which I initially thought was impossible. Mr. Brown helped me once a week and very quickly helped me grasp the basic grammar rules and within no time I was paralleling what my classmates were being taught. Study sessions with Mr. Brown included a fine balance between school related work and additional material taught by Mr. Brown himself. What proved especially useful and what I consider to be the reason why I received an A* is his dedication regarding helping me understand the concepts and especially his perspective on certain areas of the language whether it be learning to speak fluently or otherwise. I would definitely recommend Mr. Brown to any students aspiring to get an A*. “

David H

“This is to confirm that Matthew tutored my son in Spanish from February to the end of May 2012, focusing on grammar. Matthew was clear in his objectives and always reliable and punctual. My son achieved an A* in GCSE Spanish and Matthew’s help in preparing for the exam has been much appreciated.”

Dawn H

“I was searching for a Spanish tutor for my daughter who was predicted an E grade at GCSE and found Matthew’s details on a website. From the very beginning Matthew was professional and helpful and willing to go the extra mile (which was very helpful as my daughter was not keen on the subject at all but needed an improved grade). With Matthew’s help, my daughter gained a B grade which is more than we had hoped for! Matthew is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him!”

Fatmir H

“Mathew is an excellent tutor , extremely knowledgeable and will get you to a higher than average understanding of any topic , before the year I was predicted at a grade 4 for Spanish and after a couple months I got a grade 6 , he’ll push you to do better than most of your peers so you really stand out.”

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