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Maths tutoring

Even good schools get it so wrong about MathsIt is sadly a too common story that even good private schools, even in affluent areas are giving false praise about their pupils' standard or progress in Mathematics. For example, if I am teaching Arithmetical Fractions in...

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Chess openings for beginners

King's pawn openings or Queen's pawn openings for beginners?It is my very strong belief that beginners should play King's pawn openings, in other words, 1.e4 because it is extremely important to familiarise oneself with tactics (Complications and combinations) more...

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What is an equation and what is an identity?

An identity could be thought of as an equation where both sides are the same way or a different way of expressing the same thing. The interesting property about this is that it will hold true for no matter what values are chosen for the unknown(s). An identity could...

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Castling in Chess

How to Castle Whether on the king side or the queen side the king moves 2 squares towards the rook then the rook jumps over the king and goes on the square right next to the king. Castling King side (0-0) and castling queen side (0-0-0).When is Castling permissible?...

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