Q: Why do I need a tutor?

A: A private tutor will support your child’s learning and guide them to a better and complete understanding of the subject especially as the tutor can focus solely on his or her needs. Competition for university places is extremely tough and tutoring will give the extra edge when it comes to passing the exams. Private tutoring also offers more than just knowledge – it provides students with the study skills which they’ll need during their education and the confidence to progress in life.

Q: When do I need a tutor?

A: This depends on the individual needs of the student. Sometimes a tutor is hired once a week from the beginning of the academic year where the pupil is finding a particular subject difficult; and sometimes, a couple of months before exams to aid revision.

Q: What methods do you use in your teaching?

A: I have extensive experience in taking a pupil through subjects which may have started to overwhelm them in the classroom, explaining the key concepts thoroughly before building upon this with more detailed knowledge. I try to make sure that the core concepts are fully understood so that a student will be able to recall facts more easily and work through problems much faster.

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